Ax the Bev Tax

Don't be fooled. Get the facts.

CLAIM: "they’re trying to stop our kids from being educated”

FACT: On the campaign trail, candidate Kenney promised program-based budgeting to force city departments to justify their spending, increase efficiency, and save taxpayer dollars. But when push came to shove, finding something new to tax was easier than implementing the accountability that would have benefited all Philadelphians.

It's little secret that less than half the money projected to come from the soda tax will actually go to pre-K in the first five years. This, of course, after Kenney pleaded for the tax supposedly on behalf of children. Instead, tens of millions of dollars will fund pet projects and fill the city's coffers.

Philadelphia taxpayers deserve real solutions to the city's pressing fiscal problems - not an illegal, regressive, and harmful tax packaged as a solution. The court should strike down the soda tax, and Philadelphia city leaders should finally take on the serious reforms taxpayers deserve.

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