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CLAIM: "Jeff Brown and some of those groups out there jacked up prices...

"Jeff Brown and some of those groups out there jacked up prices beyond what thetaxcalls for. They started collecting the tax four days before the tax went into effect.  They've been stockpiling product from June to January.  They are charging the tax at point-of-sale, which it was never intended to do.  And they're putting the money in their pockets."

FACT: Supermarkets don’t have the warehouse capacity to stockpile months’ worth of beverages, many of which require expensive refrigeration. Many taxed beverages also have expiration dates, which make it impossible to store these beverages for extended periods of time.

Moreover, Jeff Brown has focused his career on providing employment opportunities and second chances for people with prior criminal records, and has expanded grocery access in inner-city urban food deserts. As noted by Larry Platt in a recent Philadelphia Citizen article:

“Sugary drinks, it turns out, only make up 4 percent of Brown’s bottom line; he could withstand its 40 percent decline in sales. But, so far, when his customers cross City Line Avenue to get soda, many are also doing all their shopping there. So Brown’s stores are down 15 percent overall, in a business famous for its tight margins. That’s not sustainable, he says; he’s already had to cut between 5,000 and 6,000 hours of employment each week, the equivalent of 280 jobs. If things continue, he may have to join PepsiCo and lay off workers. … Make no mistake, Jeff Brown doesn’t just open super markets. He employs our citizens and he posits a way to think about what it means to be part of a community, which is why it’s so striking that the Mayor is critical of him.” 

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