Ax the Bev Tax

Voices of the Ax the Bev Tax Coalition

“Business is hard now because of the tax. We used to place beverage orders twice a week. Now we place one order every 2-3 weeks.” - Antonio Capellan of 60th Food Market
“We are near the county line and this tax is taking away Philly business and sending it out to the county.” - Diones Almonte of Felton Mini Market
“So many customers are going across the street to businesses outside the city. We stopped selling 2 litre sodas and we’ve considered not selling soda at all.” - Luke Mennella of Ferrante Meats & More
“Thanks to the beverage tax we are not selling as much as or fast as before. We are forced to throw out beverages because they expire before being sold.” - Majed About of Four Seasons Market
“How can i compete when I’m on the border of Montgomery County? We went from ordering beverages weekly to every two months. This is a disaster for my business.” - Gui Dan Hong of Fuwa Deli
"The soda tax is making it too expensive for my customers." - Qiufeng Cheng of Hunan Palace
"I'm on the border. This tax is hurting my business so much. People are taking their business to where there is no beverage tax." - Younes Hans Ali of Mediterra Grill & Pizza
"It's not fair that I lose customers because they can get cheaper products right across the border!" - Rania Kamariotis of Papp's Pizza
“The beverage tax is hurting our sales. Customers are telling us they go to Upper Darby and buy their soda there.” - Bennett Okemefule of Uncle Musa’s Store
“I’ve Been here 17 years and this is the worst it’s been. My sales are down by 30% because of the beverage tax. I used to buy 40 cases of beverages a week and now I’m lucky if I can sell 10 cases a week. My store is maybe 2 minutes away from Upper Darby, where my customers can buy soda that’s not taxed. I want the city to lower the beverage tax; even a half cent per ounce tax would be better than this tax.” - Guillermo Herrera of Woodland Grocery
"My business has lower sales and I am working more hours myself because the tax has cut so deeply into our profit that I can barely pay myself." - Nereida Jaquez of Alizandro Mini Market
"The store has been in the community for seven years but thanks to beverage tax sales have dropped by 80%." - Jose Manuel Montolis of 24 & Moore Food Market
"The taxes are too high. Our profits are lower." - Eva Estevez of Bacalao Food Market
"After 48 years as a family owned business, this tax is killing us. Customer complaints are at an all time high. We've prided ourselves on a good customer experience, the tax is hurting our customers as well as our business." - Souhail Balech of Leandro's Pizza
"Since the tax has been in effect, our sales have decreased by 30%. We've stopped carrying many beverages because customers refuse to pay the high tax." - Adalberto Fernandez of South Philly Grocery
"We are a family owned business are we are tired of seeing people go across the bridge to buy beverages. We want it repealed!" - John Westover of Sorrentino's Deli
"This family owned business has been here for the past six years. Please end the soda tax in 2018, we want to stay in Philadelphia." - Dashamir Hebejor of La Casa Bella
"This tax is hurting our business and customer relations. Profits are down and the tax is unfair." - Mohd Dyan of Value-Plaza Dollar Plus
"My beverage sales have dropped by 50% and I've stopped carrying 2 liter bottles because they don't sell. My customers tell me they go out of the city to buy their beverages. This tax is hurting my business and the city doesn't get it. The city has stopped by 5 times already to check my receipts; that's a waste of my time and money." - Zhenzhou Zheng of D & C Deli
"This tax is hurting our business and customer relations. Profits are down and the tax is unfair." - Ismael Donzo of 4 Seasons Cafe
"It's not longer profitable to sell smaller beverages. This tax is really hurting our business." - Rocco Sharp of Jimmy's Pizza House

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