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State Sen. Anthony Williams: Beverage Tax Is ‘Regressive’
July 7, 2017
State Sen. Anthony Williams, who represents the 8th District in Philadelphia, talked with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about the impact of the beverage tax, saying the city wasted a chance to secure funding for essential programs.

Michael Bloomberg's nanny crusade will make people poorer
June 30, 2017
There is no other public figure who has so readily assumed the role of "ultimate nanny" than Bloomberg. He's shown himself as a crusader prepared to use the force of government to raise taxes and prices on products he deems unhealthy and even dangerous. If only to save the people from themselves.

Wagner: Political discourse sinks to new low at Philly hearing
June 29, 2017
On June 23, the Senate Local Government Committee, which I chair, was scheduled to host a bipartisan public hearing to examine the pros and cons of the recently enacted Philadelphia Beverage Tax at the request of Senator Anthony Williams – a Democrat who represents part of Philadelphia.

Fizzing Out Philly Soda Tax Actually Affecting Delco
June 28, 2017
While the controversial “soda tax” passed by Philadelphia City Council continues sparking heated debates there, Delaware County residents are lesser known casualties of the landmark legislation because we’re paying more for fizzy, sugary drinks, too.

Soda tax is tanking. What comes next?
June 17, 2017
While the city government was preening over its victories in court, its tax on soda (actually about 4,000 beverages) is losing in the court of public consumption.

Workers feeling soda-tax pain
June 15, 2017
Had Inquirer business reporter Joseph N. DiStefano interviewed me for his story about Philadelphia’s reviled beverage tax (“So far, tax is OK,” Tuesday), he would have learned that the job loss carnage I predicted long ago has hit my union with a vengeance — 155 of my hard-working members of Teamsters Local 830 have been laid off as a result of tanking sales of beverages in the city due to this onerous tax. That’s 155 Philadelphia families who are now struggling to make ends meet.

Press Release: Anti-Tax Coalition responds to Commonwealth Court ruling on Philadelphia Beverage Tax
June 14, 2017
We are deeply disappointed in today’s ruling. But no ruling can obscure the pain Philadelphia’s beverage tax continues to inflict on families and local businesses.

Philly’s Soda Tax Is Shaping Up to Be an Epic Flop
June 13, 2017
It’s been six months since the city’s soda tax (or, more accurately, the sugary beverage tax) was implemented — and it’s off to a rocky start.

Philly: Soda tax revenue to fall short
June 13, 2017
The city will lower its projections for beverage tax revenue this fiscal year, saying the tax will bring in less than had been anticipated.

City controller: Soda tax shortfalls 'creating a multi-million dollar burden' on Philadelphia
June 13, 2017
An alarming pattern of early revenue shortfalls from Philadelphia's sugar-sweetened beverage tax could be "creating a multi-million dollar burden," outgoing city controller Alan Butkovitz wrote Tuesday in a letter to finance director Rob Dubow.

Press Release: Kenney administration slashes beverage tax collection projections
June 13, 2017
Dave McCorkle, President and CEO of the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association, has issued the following statement in response to news that the Kenney administration is preparing to slash its beverage revenue tax collection projections...

Philly admits it will earn less money from the soda tax than it planned
June 13, 2017
Philadelphia’s sugar-sweetened beverage tax isn’t going as well as the city planned. With a few weeks left in the current fiscal year and Philadelphia unlikely to hit its $46M soda tax goal, Philadelphia is lowering its revenue projection for the tax.

EXCLUSIVE: Teamsters 830 leader says 155 laid off thanks to Phila. Beverage Tax
June 12, 2017
It’s no surprise to Teamsters Local 830 or our colleagues in the beverage industry that revenue generated by Philadelphia’s reviled beverage tax has been much less than the city projected. We predicted it.

Are Soda Taxes Worth Their Cost?
June 2, 2017
Philadelphia’s soda tax is going flat. The new levy has raised prices, diminished sales, and led to industry layoffs. It’s also failing to meet revenue projections, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Philly's soda tax revenue dips in April, looks like city's projections off by millions
May 31, 2017
The city brought in about $6.5 million in soda tax revenue, according to preliminary figures first reported by the Philadelphia Business Journal. That marked a 7 percent dropoff from March, when tax revenue peaked at $7 million.

Exclusive: Soda tax revenue falls to $6.5M in April
May 31, 2017
These latest numbers highlight the flaws in this failed tax, which is costing jobs, raising prices for working families and hurting local businesses without providing the stable source of revenue the mayor claims the city needs.

Philadelphia Sees Downturn In Beverage Tax Receipts
May 31, 2017
Receipts from Philadelphia’s sweetened beverage tax were down in April. The tax brought in $6.5 million in April, the first decline in revenue since the city began collecting it in January.

Get real, Jimbo
May 30, 2017
I heard Mayor Kenny, “Mr. Soda Tax,” on the news saying that Philadelphia public schools are underfunded. What irks me is that will not raise one penny in his budget to the schools. I’m all for public school funding, but I’m not for Kenney’s method of getting taxes from the suburban residents and from industry. Someone should call him to task on this.

Soda Sellers Battle For Hearts And Minds In Philly
May 20, 2017
Brown owns seven ShopRites and Fresh Grocers in Philadelphia, including this one right on the border of the suburbs. He says overall, business is down 15 percent because the tax is driving people to shop outside the city.

Flat Soda
May 20, 2017
Never happy leaving people alone, the busybullies are at it again, using the power of government to change people’s behavior. You know, for their own good. Because busybullying is really about social inequality - busybullies believe that their opinions matter more than other people’s.

North Philadelphia bodega owner: Please repeal the soda tax
May 19, 2017
My bodega fills an important community need and helps build up our neighborhood. Because my store is located in one of the poorest parts of the city, people don’t have many options for where to shop for groceries.

Santa Fe's rejection of soda tax a win for public health
May 17, 2017
Record numbers of voters turned out on May 2 to say no to a soda tax in Santa Fe, New Mexico. By proposing a two-cent-per-ounce tax on sugary soft drinks, policymakers meant to encourage healthier consumption choices. What soda tax advocates don't realize, however, is that a soda tax might actually encourage worse eating and drinking habits.

Business Owner: Soda Tax May Lead To Layoffs
May 9, 2017
Andy Pincus, the owner of Carbonator Rental Service, who delivers carbonation and syrup to business in Philadelphia, told Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that the tax has taken such a toll on his enterprise, that he may have to reduce staff.

Group delivers petitions seeking repeal of soda tax
May 9, 2017
Members of the Ax the Philly Bev Tax coalition marched across Juniper Street from the Center City Courtyard Marriott to City Hall on Monday to deliver more than a dozen boxes filled with petitions calling on City Council to repeal the soda tax.

Soda tax opponents bring 18K petitions to Kenney’s office
May 9, 2017
The soda tax fight ain’t over yet. A day in advance of a City Council hearing on the city’s 2018 budget, opponents of the city’s tax on sweetened drinks descended on City Hall carting boxes of paperwork, both letters and petitions, calling for an end to the tax.

Anti-Beverage Tax Coalition Delivered More Than 18,000 Petitions To City Councilmembers
May 8, 2017
A day before Philadelphia City Council is to hold a key budget hearing, members of the Ax the Philly Bev Tax Coalition hand-delivered boxes filled with more than 18,000 letters and petitions to City Hall today calling on City Council officials to put an end to Philadelphia’s regressive beverage tax.

Troubling truths of Philly beverage tax
May 5, 2017
The 1.5 cents per ounce tax is strangling the supermarkets and corner stores, neighborhood economic engines.

Philadelphia 10 percent short on April beverage tax collections
May 4, 2017
The nearly 10 percent shortfall in beverage tax collections for April highlights what we have been saying all along: this tax is not a sustainable source of revenue for the city.

Anti-beverage tax coalition says voters' rejection of Santa Fe proposal highlights families’ pain
May 3, 2017
Santa Fe voters have sent a strong message to any government that wants to impose a regressive beverage tax on consumers. Our experience in Philadelphia shows that these taxes cost jobs and raise prices for working families while hurting local businesses that are the fabric of our neighborhoods.

Backers of soda tax in Santa Fe concede defeat
May 2, 2017
Votes against the tax led 10,514 to 7,859, the Santa Fe City Clerk's Office announced. The vote came after similar taxes were adopted last year in cities from Philadelphia to San Francisco.

Restaurateur Magrogan says he has soured on Philadelphia
April 26, 2017
Restaurateur Dave Magrogan - who had a long run over the years in Manayunk, near South Street, and in Center City and University City with such restaurants as Kildare's and Doc Magrogan's - says he doesn't feel the need to do business in the city anymore.

Study showing potential soda tax benefits gets mixed reaction
April 22, 2017
This tax cut sales of beverages by half at our Philadelphia stores and it’s impacting total store sales anywhere from 10 to 25 percent in the city, with an average storewide sales drop of about 15 percent

Supporters of regressive soda tax never learned 2016 election's lesson
April 11, 2017
While the Republican Party swept Pennsylvania on a message of jobs and growth, our Democrats are falling back on the failed politics of the past. A case in point is Philly Mayor Jim Kenney’s hallmark policy: a regressive beverage tax that falls most heavily on the working poor.

What happened when Congress decided to tax all soda
April 6, 2017
Contrary to the claims of advocates, America's first soda tax was not a success. Soda taxes are much in the news of late, as lawmakers from Washington state to West Virginia debate the newly popular policy tool as a means of ramping up revenue and cutting soda consumption.

Philadelphia Soda Tax Battle Bubbles Up in Court
April 5, 2017
Chip Becker, the attorney arguing against the tax Wednesday in Pittsburgh, argued that because soda and other sweetened beverages are already subject to the state's 6 percent sales tax, Philadelphia's tax on them is illegal. "Philadelphia may not tax any substance that the state already taxes," Becker told the seven-judge panel.

A beverage tax is the wrong way to fund universal pre-K
April 4, 2017
As Pittsburgh examines options for expanding access to quality pre-K programs across the city, we hope that Mayor Bill Peduto and Pittsburgh City Council avoid the serious pitfalls Philadelphia has fallen into.

Op-ed: Public officials owe their constituents transparency on social media
April 3, 2017
When the Philadelphia soda tax came into effect, Patrick Wajda, noticed that milk in his local Walmart was more expensive than usual. He asked a store employee about the price increase. The employee said that they had to increase prices of other products to keep the price of soda unchanged.

Philly to rake in $118 million in new taxes after reassessing commercial properties
April 1, 2017
Anthony Campisi, spokesman for a coalition fighting the city's sweetened-beverage tax, said the city should fix the its property-tax system "before imposing regressive new taxes to take money out of the pockets of working families."

Philly’s independent grocery stores: The soda tax is killing us
March 29, 2017
The nightmare scenario for Philly independent grocers is the story of a Baltimore neighborhood market called Santoni’s.

Pepsi pulls 12-packs, 2-liters from shelves over 'soda tax'
March 22, 2017
Pepsi is pulling 2-liters and 12-packs of its products from Philadelphia grocery store shelves over the city's new tax on sweetened drinks.

Philly soda tax: Pepsi tells grocery stores it won’t offer 2-liters or 12-packs
March 21, 2017
Philadelphians will soon no longer be able to purchase 2-liters or 12-packs of Pepsi soda products at local stores, according to grocers.

Soda tax gouges consumers and in turn gouges retailers, workers
March 21, 2017
One of the most outrageous money grabs in recent American government history occurred in Philadelphia last year when the politicians there passed a tax on soda.

Philly Clout: Soda tax war expands to Snapchat
March 17, 2017
“We plead guilty to trying to get the word out about the mayor’s regressive tax and to giving Philadelphians more tools to express their anger,” Campisi said. “And since you’re asking about it, we’re clearly being effective.”

Triple Pundit: Pepsi Cuts Jobs Over Philly Soda Tax
March 16, 2017
For many analysts the news just keeps getting worse for Philadelphia, thanks to its new soda tax. Last June, lawmakers had grand plans for the city’s tax on sweetened beverages. They said the 1.5-cent-per-ounce tax would help fund children’s education programs, including a pre-K expansion, park and recreation center updates, and a backup fund for city projects. They made some concessions along the way: After cutting the proposed tax from 3 cents to 1.5 cents per ounce, they expanded the list of eligible products to include artificially-sweetened drinks beyond sodas.

City and State Pennsylvania: Rep. Grove continues charge against Philadelphia Beverage Tax
March 15, 2017
Rep. Seth Grove (R-York) has been a leading voice in Harrisburg circles pushing back against the Philadelphia Beverage Tax, and that voice was amplified this week with the Independent Fiscal Office releasing an analysis of the tax on state revenues requested by Rep. Grove.

Tax Foundation: The Case Against Soda Taxes
March 15, 2017
Soda taxes are being sold as a fix for some pretty big problems: everything from obesity to education funding, and everywhere from San Francisco to Philadelphia to West Virginia. Could these sin taxes really deliver on these promises? Or are proponents glossing over key flaws of these proposals? Our research has generally concluded that soda taxes are narrow, punitive taxes that are a budget risk not likely to solve America’s health issues. City beverage tax = meal plan hike for Temple students
March 14, 2017
What's the cost of the city's new sweetened-beverage tax at Temple University per semester? $400,000. And students are going to feel it.

Philly Mag: Temple University Blames Steep Meal Plan Hike on Soda Tax
March 14, 2017
Temple University officials plan to raise board rates by 4.8 percent for 2017-18 – and they say the soda tax is to blame. The Inquirer reports that the sweetened beverage tax the city passed last year will cost the university $400,000 a semester, according to Ken Kaiser, the school’s chief financial officer.

Philadelphia Business Journal: Business lessons from the soda tax
March 9, 2017
Let me just say right off the bat that, as a member of the media, I like Mayor Jim Kenney. He’s accessible. He’s not afraid to take any question. And he brings a South Philly-style forthrightness to the job. But his approach to business needs some work. In particular, I think someone should sit the mayor down and explain to him how business works and how in the world of economic development, perception often becomes reality.

The Daily Signal: Here’s What Happened to Workers After Philadelphia Passed a Soda Tax
March 9, 2017
Pepsi announced last week that it will lay off around 100 employees at distribution plants that supply the Philadelphia area. This is the latest blow for the city’s new beverage tax, which went into effect in January.

Convenience Store News: Grassroots 'Ax the Bev Tax' Campaign Pops Up in Philly
March 8, 2017
“Philadelphia retailers and their beverage industry partners, already feeling the impact of the controversial beverage tax that took effect in the city at the start of the new year, have launched a grassroots campaign in an effort to bring about its repeal. The campaign, "Ax the Bev Tax," seeks to educate consumers about the tax and mobilize them to contact their elected officials with their concerns about the measure's effects. Using a combination of social media, "on-the-ground" efforts and strategically placed collateral materials, the campaign is already nearly 20,000 members strong on Facebook, according to Alex Baloga, vice president of external communications for the Camp Hill-based Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association.”

Press Release: Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association fact checks mayor’s false statements on Philadelphia beverage tax
March 9, 2017
In response to Mayor Kenney’s baseless attacks on Philadelphia businesses and families, the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association has released the following statement:

The Philadelphia Citizen: LISTENING TO JEFF BROWN- He has done more to bring fresh food to inner cities than any other grocer—as with his upscale, affordable new store on Monument Road. So why is the Mayor attacking him over the soda tax?
March 8, 2017
Around the time last week that Jeff Brown, the entrepreneurial grocer who has brought fresh food and healthy lifestyle choices to Philadelphia’s food deserts, was opening his latest and boldest store—a Fresh Grocer in Wynnefield Heights that is a type of affordable Whole Foods for a diverse urban neighborhood—the Mayor was nearby, taping Channel 6’s Sunday morning public affairs show, Inside Story. And he was taking direct aim at Brown.

Food Drive: PA Food Merchants: More job cuts coming because of soda tax
March 8, 2017
Dive Brief: Officials from the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association said the industry should expect more companies to follow PepsiCo's lead and lay off employees as a result of Philadelphia's recent sweetened beverage tax, according to The Shelby Report.

The Philadelphia Citizen: Listening to Jeff Brown
March 8, 2017
Around the time last week that Jeff Brown, the entrepreneurial grocer who has brought fresh food and healthy lifestyle choices to Philadelphia’s food deserts, was opening his latest and boldest store—a Fresh Grocer in Wynnefield Heights that is a type of affordable Whole Foods for a diverse urban neighborhood—the Mayor was nearby, taping Channel 6’s Sunday morning public affairs show, Inside Story. And he was taking direct aim at Brown.

CBS News: Fallout Over Philadelphia's Soda Tax Bubbles Up
March 7, 2017
It’s been just over two months since Philadelphia became the first major American city to impose a tax on sweetened drinks. It’s supposed to fund education, but the industry says it’s costing jobs.

Washington Free Beacon: Soda Tax Causes Layoffs and Losses in Philadelphia
March 7, 2017
Since Jan. 1, the city of Philadelphia has implemented a 1.5 cent per ounce tax on soda and other sweetened beverages, causing businesses to incur losses and lay off workers, the New York Post reported.

Pennsylvania Watchdog: Philadelphians register resentment over regulations, taxes
March 7, 2017
Philadelphia freedom isn’t shining on local businesses. Instead, the shadow of big government is covering the city, according to about 50 local retailers who piled into a hearing Tuesday to voice their concerns about the way the city is taxing and regulating tobacco and other products.

Washington Times: When a sugar tax goes sour
March 7, 2017
In politics as in physics, for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. You don’t have to be Sir Isaac Newton to understand that a steep “sugary drinks tax” on soda drinks would sharply cut sales of Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper, Gatorade and others.

PJ Media: Philly’s Soda Tax Not Working Out So Well
March 6, 2017
Philadelphia passed a soda tax last summer, slapping a 1.5 cent per ounce increase on the beverage to dissuade residents from soda-drinking behavior their betters deemed "undesirable." The beverage industry opposed the tax and now the city is experiencing some unintended consequences.

TheStreet: Soda Industry Says Philadelphia's Sweet Drinks Tax Is Costing Jobs. A tax on soda in Philadelphia has forced one plant in the area to cut jobs.
March 7,2017
The soda industry, which includes such heavyweight names as Coca-Cola (KO) and PepsiCo (PEP) , is claiming that Philadelphia's tax on sweetened drinks is costing jobs. Philly's 1.5 cent per ounce tax went into effect just about two months ago and the funds are supposed to be going to help education. However, one Canada Dry distribution center said all it has done is forced a job cut, CBS reports.

TheBlaze: Philly implemented soda tax in January — now Pepsi employees are feeling the devastating effects
March 6, 2017
Dozens of Philadelphians are about to lose their jobs as a result of Philadelphia’s “soda tax” implemented in January. PepsiCo. announced last week that 80 to 100 employees would be laid off at area distribution centers over the next several months. According to, the company sent notices to the effected employees last week, citing the city’s hefty sweetened drink tax.

New York Post: Philly’s soda tax is crushing the city’s beverage business
March 5, 2017
If you live in Philadelphia, that bloated feeling you get from consuming carbonated beverages may be coming from the soda price itself. Last summer, the city passed a Bloomberg-esque 1.5 cent per ounce tax on soda and other sweetened and diet beverages, a move opposed by beverage distributors and retailers.

Washington Times: Nanny state strikes again: Soda tax making a comeback, putting Americans out of work
March 3, 2017
Soda taxes are making a comeback — and with it, jobs are being lost and city revenue targets are being missed as people pull back from buying the beverages. In November, San Francisco, Oakland and Albany, California; Boulder, Colorado; and Cook County, Illinois, all passed soda taxes. Two years ago, Berkeley, California, passed a similar tax, one has been proposed in Seattle, and Philadelphia’s went into effect in January.

Pittsburg Tribune-Review: Tax fairy tales and pixie dust: The people pay
March 2, 2017
Philadelphia's controversial “soda tax” is going down pretty much as critics predicted, with retailers reporting a 30- to 50-percent drop in sales, accompanied by layoffs. And yet the lesson goes unlearned.

Giordano: 'Greater good' of soda tax will be bad for city jobs
March 1, 2017
EVERYONE AGREES that Philadelphia has a huge poverty problem. Mayor Kenney has made the sugary-drink tax a centerpiece in attacking poverty by taking some of its proceeds to fund a citywide pre-kindergarten program. Kenney's track record on reducing poverty is that he has been part of the political establishment that has presided over this horrific poverty rate for 20 years. To the best of my knowledge, Kenney has never created a job.

Press Release: Anti-Beverage Tax Coalition to protest Mayor’s Budget Address outside City Hall
March 2, 2017
The Coalition will be protesting Mayor Kenney’s regressive and destructive beverage tax. Small business owners will be present this morning to explain how the tax is hurting their businesses. Since going into effect Jan. 1, the tax has caused beverage prices to skyrocket, sales to plummet and has forced companies to lay off employees and reduce hours. Several small corner stores are also in danger of closing.

Grub Street: Philly’s Soda Tax Has Cut Soft-Drink Sales by As Much As Half
February 28, 2017
When Philadelphia’s soda tax rolled out in January, residents had a very immediate and visceral reaction, tweeting outrage at the new price of 12-packs (almost double), sometimes followed by subversive Google Maps screenshots showing the locations of grocery stores just beyond city limits. It’s no surprise this sticker shock would put a dent in Philly’s soda sales and buoy public-health advocates. What’s a little wild, though, is the extent of that effect thus far: Bloomberg reported on retailers’ sales since the start of the year, and the fallout for local businesses seems pretty severe.

Fox News: Distributors say layoffs coming because of Philly soda tax
February 27, 2017
Two months into Philadelphia’s 1.5 cents per ounce soda tax, distributors are reporting 30-50 percent declines in sales and saying that hundreds of layoffs are coming. Philly Soda Tax Flattening Beverage Sales
February 27, 2017
Philadelphia’s tax on sweetened beverages is only nearly six weeks old and it's already taking a toll on drink distributors and grocers. Canada Dry Delaware Valley — local distributor of Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Sunkist, A&W Root Beer, Arizona Iced Tea and Vita Coco — said business fell 45 percent in Philadelphia in the first five weeks of 2017 vs. the same period last year, reported Bloomberg. Similarly, total revenue at Brown’s Super Stores, which operates 12 ShopRite and Fresh Grocer supermarkets, fell 15 percent at its six retailers in the city.

Las Vegas Review Journal: Philadelphia’s new soda tax leads to big job losses
February 26, 2017
The Nanny Staters secured a victory last year when Philadelphia enacted the nation’s first-ever sugar-sweetened beverage tax. Supporters disguised the levy as a public health initiative. In fact, it was a massive government money grab.

The American Spectator: Sales plummeting, workers suffering as Democrats tax soda to raise money
February 25, 2017
en government bureaucrats tamper with the laws of supply and demand, the results are usually predictable and often unpleasant. Declining soda sales no surprise
February 24, 2017
The alarming drop in beverage sales in Philadelphia is not a surprising development, nor is it a temporary decline that will eventually rebound, as the Kenney administration asserts ("Soda sellers report big loss," Wednesday).

CBS Philly: Some Residents Switching Shopping Destinations In Response To City’s Soda Tax
February 23, 2017
The soda tax has some city residents getting their sugary drinks elsewhere. In Cheltenham, Philadelphia is only steps away. One woman, shopping at this soda tax-free ShopRite, says she hasn’t purchased a soda in the city since the beginning of the year.

Daily News: Soda sales fizzle by 50% in Philadelphia after soft drink tax
February 23, 2017
Some Philadelphia supermarkets and beverage distributors say they're gearing up for layoffs because the city's new tax on soft drinks has cut beverage sales by 30% to 50% — worse than the city predicted.

Ax the Bev Tax Coalition Responds to Beverage Tax Collection Numbers
The Ax the Bev Tax Coalition issued the following statement in response to beverage tax collection numbers released by Philadelphia today, as well as baseless attacks by Mayor Kenney on Philadelphia families and businesses:

ICYMI: Philadelphia families and businesses feeling beverage tax pain
As Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney celebrates money coming in from his new beverage tax, he is ignoring the pain his policies are causing to Philadelphia families and businesses. We would like to highlight the following voices, who have described to our coalition and to news outlets in recent weeks how the tax is impacting working families and local businesses:

Ax the Bev Tax Coalition Responds to Beverage Tax Collection Numbers
The Ax the Bev Tax Coalition issued the following statement in response to beverage tax collection numbers released by Philadelphia today, as well as baseless attacks by Mayor Kenney on Philadelphia families and businesses.

Press Release: New Campaign Calls Attention to Damage Causedby Philly Beverage Tax
The Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association – in partnership with Philadelphia supermarkets, local bottlers and beverage companies, neighborhood stores, restaurants and movie theaters – launched a new grassroots campaign called “Ax the Bev Tax” to highlight how the Philadelphia Beverage Tax is hurting working families, local businesses and workers in the city and to help empower citizens to make their voices heard to their City Council members. Soda companies, supermarkets report 30-50 pct. sales drop from soda tax  
February 21, 2017
Two months into the city’s sweetened-beverage tax, supermarkets and distributors are reporting a 30 percent to 50 percent drop in beverage sales and are planning for layoffs. Byko: On soda tax, Kenney's the master distractor
February 23, 2017
So the soda tax is fizzling, and if you’re surprised, please raise your hand. I see no hands.

City & State PA: Slow first month expected for Philly soda tax revenue
February 21, 2017
The Philadelphia Office of the Mayor reported that the city’s first month of soda tax revenues – one of the cornerstones of Mayor Jim Kenney’s administrative agenda – would likely get off to a slow start.

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