Ax the Bev Tax

Philly’s beverage tax hurts!

It’s time to Ax the Bev Tax!

Despite opposition from the majority of Philadelphia residents and businesses, the beverage tax is now in effect as of January 1, 2017 – and Philadelphians are taking a stand!

Philadelphia’s 1.5 cents-per-ounce beverage tax isn’t just a tax on soda, it’s a tax on flavored juice, almond milk, bottled coffees and teas, coconut water, sports drinks, and even diet beverages.

Working families cannot afford the tax. Many residents are going outside of the city to buy goods, which has resulted in a decrease in sales. Small businesses are losing loyal customers and residents are struggling to pay for everyday items. For example, a 6-pack of diet green tea that would typically cost $4.99, now costs $6.07. Two-liter beverages have gone up a dollar, and the cost of a 12-pack of beverages has increased by more than $2.00!

This Just In

Study: Philadelphia tax makes soda more expensive than beer

"Philadelphia's tax on sugary drinks has made soda more expensive than beer in the city. The Tax Foundation released a new study on the excise tax last week, finding that the 1.5-cent per ounce tax has fallen short of revenue projections, cost jobs, and has forced some Philadelphians to drive outside the city to buy groceries. The study finds that the tax is 24 times higher than the Pennsylvania tax rate on beer.

"'Purchases of beer are also now less expensive than nonalcoholic beverages subject to the tax in the city," according to the study, written by Courtney Shupert and Scott Drenkard. "Empirical evidence from a 2012 journal article suggests that soda taxes can push consumers to alcohol, meaning it is likely the case that consumers are switching to alcoholic beverages as a result of the tax. The paper, aptly titled From Coke to Coors, further shows that switching from soda to beer increases total caloric intake, even as soda taxes are generally aimed at caloric reduction.'..."

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